We frequently send out audition announcements on our Facebook page. We occasionally will send out emails about upcoming auditions and shows. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, fill out the form above.

Playhouse strives to create a safe and inclusive space where students of all learning types, abilities, and identities are welcome. Please inform us if your performer needs accommodations.

Everyone who auditions for a Playhouse Children’s Theatre show is given a role!  Because of this, Auditions are often limited and are on a first-come-first-serve basis.  When the audition sign-up list is full, we usually provide a waitlist sign-up form in case a new spot opens.

Our policy is you must pay the participation fee in order to be considered registered for auditions. Please pay via our PayPal. Scholarships may be available upon request.

Our playhouse production teams are made up 100% volunteers.

Participation fees are charged to help cover the royalty & licensing fees, scripts, costumes, props & production expenses that go into the creation of a theatre production. Playhouse offers a number of need based scholarships and/or reduced rates when requested. A payment plan can also be established. Please reach out if help is needed.

Our mainstage “Jr.” performances typically consist of students in 6th-12th grade. There is an opportunity for young ages (K-5) to get involved in the children’s choir, which is usually offered coinciding with the main stage performance. The children’s choir performs a couple songs at the beginning and intermission of the mainstage show.

For our “Kids” performances, casts will typically be for grades 3rd – 6th; again with a children’s choir available for K-2nd grade.

Most auditions will come with a set of audition instructions that will have in detail what will take place. Most commonly, performers will be asked to sing as a group first, then sing one by one. Before singing, we will ask you your name and age. You NEVER have to sing alone if you are not comfortable; the directing team can sing with you if you’d like! Most of the time, audition songs are already picked for you–you just have to learn them at home prior to auditions!

Time permitting, the director(s) may ask you to read from the script of the show.  Sometimes, the director of the show will post these excerpts along with the audition instructions – but this is not guaranteed.  If no scripts are provided beforehand, this is called a “dry read” and is very common in theatre.

Lastly, we finish auditions with learning some choreography from the show – there is no need to prepare anything ahead of time. Just remember to bring comfortable shoes and a water bottle!

Learning to audition is similar to a job interview and learning to do so with confidence and ease is an important life skill. While we do not expect all of our Playhouse performers to grow up to be Broadway stars, we do hope that with a lot of support and encouragement, we will help them to grow into adults who can walk into any room with confidence. We work diligently to create a very supportive, loving, and safe environment for each student to not only feel comfortable, but encouraged. The new friendships and fun start at auditions!

No. The Playhouse Student Safety Code does not permit adults who are not directly involved in the production to remain inside the Playhouse rehearsal space during auditions or rehearsals. This is for the safety of all. If you have questions, please email us.

We ask that prior to the start of rehearsals, you let the director know that your performer has conflicts. We usually send out a conflict calendar for you to fill in conflict dates. If it’s a last minute conflict (illness), please email us as soon as possible. Please note that all technical rehearsals and performances are mandatory for all productions. If your performer cannot attend the dates of those rehearsals and/or performances, please consider signing up for the next show. Unexcused absence may lead to dismissal.

“Tech week” means “technical” week; where we add in all the elements of theatre onto the stage! This typically means we take our rehearsals to the SPASH Auditorium (or another space) to incorporate microphones, lighting, set pieces, backstage logistics, and more. Most of the time, tech week rehearsals are longer in length in order to accommodate for these elemental changes. 

“Call time” is the time required for the performers to arrive at the theater prior to the performance. We like to make sure each performer has arrived early to get dressed in their costumes, get warmed up, etc. Please make sure your performer eats prior to coming to call time!

Yes. All attendees are required to purchase tickets online or at the door for each event.  We will email parents when tickets become available and allow parents to purchase tickets before they go open to the public.

All hair must be out of the performer’s face and eyes. If the performer has long hair, the hair must be tied back in either half up/half down do, ponytail, braids, etc. This is a great opportunity to get creative for your performer!

Due to frequent skin sensitivity of children, we do not require makeup. Exceptions would be if full make up is required by the character (for example, Ursula, the Grinch, other roles that require full face makeup), in which we will inform you if it is needed. 

Many of our shows are “self-costume” shows, which helps with creativity and ownership of your performer’s role. Ideas to find costume pieces would be Amazon, Thrift stores, Goodwill, even your own closet! Our costume coordinator, Karen, provides an informative costume list at the start of a production to give you ideas.  

*If Playhouse is providing costume pieces, we will let you know.

If you are interested in helping in some way with the production, please email us! We love to have help! Some areas may include sound, lighting, stage managing, fundraising, grant writing, concessions, ticket sales, set building, etc. Please let us know what you are interested in helping with. We will let you know what areas are available for help.